Out of alignment, into old age!

Amanda Squires
D.R.M., A.T.M.S
S.O.C.O.G. Appointed Massage Therapist

Specialising in:

  • Advanced Specialised Remedial Massage
  • Reflexology – Hands & Feet
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Velcresion Therapy™ Postural Realignment
  • Joint Mobility / Injury Rehabilitation
  • Sports Tune-up

We can help with: Neck, Rotator Cuff, Numbing & Tingling, Arms/Hands, Shoulders, Back, Knees, Migraine/Headaches, Sciatica, Chest Pain and Postural Problems

Velcresion Therapy sets criteria for a ❶ Visual Appearance Standard checklist you can see in the mirror and which you need to retain, maintain or try to regain for good health.

The treatment includes ❷ new methods of massage which disburse tissue adhesions which I have called Velcresions© because they adhere like velcro.
A particular sequence of Velcresions© at key locations have to be loosened simultaneously to enable ❸ a particular arm movement, also unique to this therapy, to relocate the arms to the correct position in the rotator cuffs. Therapy can now straighten the shoulder line, the neck and head alignment and scoliosis.

The 15 Second Routine

Keeping your mobility doesn’t have to take hours! Watch Bodywork’s unique 15 second daily routine to keep you flexible and healthy.



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More Information

Take a look at the brochures and other important information about Velcresion Therapy.

Visual Appearance Standard

An overview of the Visual Appearance Standard that details what ‘correct’ posture should look like. You can check your own posture against the images provided here.


Detailed Booklet

An in depth explanation of the 4 unique points to Velcresion Therapy, including the health problems that poor posture can create and how undertaking Velcresion Therapy can begin to solve them.



A number of videos have been produced to better explain the methodology behind our practice. These will answer most commonly asked questions!


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