The 15 Second Routine

Daily Maintenance Programme

After any action which is repetitive for more than 4 hours, including sleeping, 8 particular ‘rip’ stretches are a must to stop adhesive processes named Velcresions™ from forming. When the arms are in the correct location the upper torso weightload is evenly distributed over the pelvis, hips, knees and feet.

1. Back Stroke

Palm of hand must face and pass ear before turning and a small click must be heard.


Rotates arm bone to correct place in shoulder socket and lubricates joint. Must be done daily and after repetitive bent-elbow activity.

2. Diagonal

Inside of arm and palms must face front – stretch arms backward.


To stretch against curled up position as in sleeping and round-shouldered activity.

3. Hug

Stretching muscles between shoulder blades.


Muscles between shoulder blades adhere, the hug keeps the fibres stretched apart.

4. Chest Stretch

Both arms in backward rotation. Grab hold of hands, behind back, stretch, plus big yawn – unlocks jaw line.


Stretches the front muscles open to expand chest and ribs; stopping compression on vital organs. To be done after sitting, driving, sewing, computing, falling asleep in chair.

5. Arm Stretch

To the ceiling.


Expands ribs and stops Velcresions™ forming and changing spinal alignment (scoliosis).

6. Arm Stretch

To the floor.


Important to keep triangles even and large for blood flow to the brain.

7. Arm Stretch

To the wall.


Elongates arm at elbow to loosen neck.

8. Straight Foot Squat

Heels flat on floor.


Elongates leg muscles for knee and ankle alignment.